Brake Repair


We are experts in brake service and inspection. We offer free brake inspections to ensure that your vehicle is safe.

Free brake check includes:

  • Measurement of front and rear brake pad wear
  • Measurement of rotor wear
  • Measurement of drum wear
  • Strip dip brake fluid test
  • E-brake inspection

We’ll let you know if your vehicle needs any brake service, such as:

  • Installation of new brake pads or shoes
  • Resurfacing or replacement of brake rotors or drums
  • Brake fluid change
  • Brake bleeding
  • Replacement of brake lines, hoses and other brake components

Moisture will build up over time in your brake fluid. Since most brake components are made of copper they will begin to erode when exposed to moisture. This erosion will contaminate your brake fluid over time. During your free inspection we will check to see if your brake fluid is contaminated and needs to be replaced.

Brake Repair Service
Brake Repair

When air gets into your brake fluid you will need to bleed your brake line. Leaks are one cause for the introduction of air into the brake fluid line.  When air is in your brake fluid line your brake pedal will have a soft sponge like feel. If you notice soft feel when pushing on the brake pedal, brake bleeding will likely correct the problem.

If you feel a wobbling or pulsating when applying the brake pedal you should have your brakes checked.  This is a sign that your brake rotors may be warped or worn.  Brake calipers friction on the brake rotors can leave residue, heat spots and grooves which damage brake rotors over time.  Another common cause of brake rotor damage is caused by worn out brake pads. When break pads are worn too thin the metal from the brake pad scrapes the metal rotors and creates grooves. We are experts in resurfacing and replacing damaged break rotors.

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